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Niki, our Founder, has brought alive her stick people tribe from her teacher training days and has created a range of clothing with them on. You can purchase hoodies, tees, tanks & sports caps all of which are organic (apart from the caps). We have a range of eco mats and blocks currently being made …

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The Act of Ceremony

What does ceremony mean to you? ⁠⁠To me, the art of ceremony is holding space & gratitude in full presence to what you are doing.⁠⁠Taking time to hold ceremony doesn’t mean you have to have a belief in a certain path or follow a certain religion – it can be to purely hold thanks & …

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Satya – Truthfulness

#Satya is the second of the Yamas (social ethics “right living”) How do we practice this Yama – the root of it is simple, it’s to be truthful. Truthful with our speech, how we interact with people and conduct ourselves in the world. It is also about being truthful to self, ensuring we do all we …

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Ahimsa – Non-violence

The yogic practice (& ancient Indian principle) of non-violence is a beautiful way to gently tread through life with respect for all living beings.⁠⁠That act of non-violence is not just extended out to others it’s about kindness to self too. ⁠⁠As we weave our way through this sometimes twisted path, being kind to our body …

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Yoga & It’s Many Layers

In yogic tradition, it is believed that most suffering occurs as we get out of touch with ourselves. We become lost and we rely on others and external forces for our own happiness. We look to others to bring us affection, love, kindness & attention.  Yoga brings us home to us, to our true selves. …

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Welcome to The Yoga Lounge

We are a small studio with a big heart. We practice online live through Zoom and in-studio practices. The Yoga Lounge is a decade long dream for the founder Niki Lindley, who has been practicing yoga since 2005. She has seen the benefits in health, fitness, lifestyle, kindness, compassion, positive thought patterns and patience. She …

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