Ahimsa – Non-violence

The yogic practice (& ancient Indian principle) of non-violence is a beautiful way to gently tread through life with respect for all living beings.⁠

That act of non-violence is not just extended out to others it’s about kindness to self too. ⁠

As we weave our way through this sometimes twisted path, being kind to our body with the foods we eats, being kind with our self-talk, intentions & actions makes the journey easier to navigate. As we send kindness to others, we receive this back in abundance too.⁠

If you find yourself stuck in a negative loop within your mind whether to yourself or projected to others, a simple technique is to switch the words within your mind to kinder ones. I practice with “I send you peace, I send you love, I send you happiness” (to myself and others).⁠

Be kind, it really is the antidote to so many of life’s issues.⁠