Satya – Truthfulness

#Satya is the second of the Yamas (social ethics “right living”)

How do we practice this Yama – the root of it is simple, it’s to be truthful. Truthful with our speech, how we interact with people and conduct ourselves in the world. It is also about being truthful to self, ensuring we do all we can to follow our own truth and to find our way beyond our thoughts, emotions & moods (which are forever changing) and into our intuition and that part of us that Is real and non-changing, to us, our universal truth.

We all know how to speak truthfully to others but how do we find our truth? We become still. When we practice meditation, whether guided, mantra or however you like to practice, we come away from the thinking mind & allow ourselves the silence and space to just be. All of my moments of creativity & pathfinding have come to me when I have not been thinking, when I have been in meditation.

If you are struggling to find your path or to make a decision to guide you to your truth, try a little meditation. Start small, maybe just 3 minutes a day and build up gradually when it feels right to you.

If you need some guidance, please reach out.

Sending you hugs & a wish you all find your truths.