Welcome to The Yoga Lounge

We are a small studio with a big heart. We practice online live through Zoom and in-studio practices.

The Yoga Lounge is a decade long dream for the founder Niki Lindley, who has been practicing yoga since 2005. She has seen the benefits in health, fitness, lifestyle, kindness, compassion, positive thought patterns and patience. She wants to bring these incredible benefits to everyone she meets.

It is the hope that she can connect people together in her community by bringing a safe, warm, welcoming space for people to feel they are all included and all worthy.

We have a tribe of wonderful people working within the studio, people that have trained in India, Bali, London & Nottingham. All have a warmth and eagerness to share their journeys with everyone they meet, in the hope that they too can benefit from the positive lifestyle changes they experienced.

We offer a vast range of classes & styles – adult yoga, over 55’s, family yoga, children’s, Hatha, Vinyasa, Power Yoga & Gentle Yoga by Candlelight. We offer a range of courses from Yoga for Anxiety & Panic Disorders to Yoga for Cyclists.