Yoga & It’s Many Layers

In yogic tradition, it is believed that most suffering occurs as we get out of touch with ourselves. We become lost and we rely on others and external forces for our own happiness. We look to others to bring us affection, love, kindness & attention.  Yoga brings us home to us, to our true selves. An inward journey through many layers to find our essence.  A place where we do not need to rely on others to find our peace.

The practice of yoga is to still the movements of the mind & to free us from suffering, particularly the suffering that our mind brings upon us. The practice of yoga is not to touch the toes, or to stand on your head.  The true art and core of yoga has been lost in parts to the modern day where it has become superficial, ego has taken over to see who can complete the most advanced pose to post onto social media.  But is that sustainable to the body, is it going to be good for you in the long term, does it free the suffering from the mind? A student may be balancing on their heads and engaging in toxic thoughts, this is not yoga, whereas a student who may be sat on a chair, unable to move, but their mind is pure and still, that is yoga.